Food is a Basic Human Right

Nutritious food is a basic need, a human right. It’s the most basic building block for developing strong individuals, families, and communities. Good food nourishes both the body and mind. Without it, people can’t take part in society in a meaningful way. It’s no longer good enough just to fill bellies.

Dining with Dignity

There is power in being able to make decisions for yourself, no matter how small. Being able to choose what you eat and where you sit, being treated with respect regardless of social status, costs nothing extra. It costs nothing extra to serve with dignity.

Intentional Community

Amazing and unexpected things happen when people come together for a meal. We ask everyone to come share a meal with us. We don’t ask questions. We don’t judge. And we don’t expect any payment. Everyone is welcome at our table. It’s important to take part in the community, if you want to serve it justly.

Immersive Learning

We all have something to teach and something to learn. We intentionally create learning opportunities though all aspects of our programs so everyone can reach their full potential. Continual improvement moves us all forward.

From Scarcity to Consistency

Crisis breeds crisis. We have the responsibility to offer stability to our guests, students, participants, donors, and volunteers. We provide a steady foundation upon which we can all build.

Technical to Adaptive Change

Experimentation is good. We learn as much from failures as we do from success. Evaluation and feedback, engaging other and inviting unusual voices to the table are what make it work. We dig deep to establish new standards.

Leaders for Justice

We cannot ask others to do what we, ourselves, are unwilling to change. We set the example by providing fair wages and benefits for all our staff. We seek to transform unjust social structures through peace and reconciliation. We care for our community by taking active steps to reduce our footprint.

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Our CORE VALUES are the  of what we do.

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We advocate for laws and policies that will improve the lives of people living in the Kansas City area and around the world.


Your support allows us to continue to go this important work; today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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